In today’s economy it has become vital to pursue a career with a thriving job market. For most, this means pursuing higher education and the accumulation of marketable skills and credentials. With that in mind, accounting is a brilliant choice, providing most with an easy path into a successful and happy life – and even giving the most driven the possibility of attaining real riches. Accounting School Guide is here to provide a road map into achieving an accounting degree and ensuring career success.

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Nearly every college and university offers accounting courses and degrees, making the initial decisions of where to look daunting. Accounting School Guide is here to make the process an easier one, narrowing your choices into the best schools available. Period. Browse our rankings below and you’ll see that we are emphasizing all the things that you should care about: things like cost, teacher quality, student satisfaction and outcome.
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We don’t just stop with college rankings. Accounting School Guide is concerned with informing you of just what it’s like to be an accountant, the career outlook for accounting, and just what kind of accounting to go into, with articles like the highest paying accounting jobs.

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Accounting School Guide also builds resources to help accounting students pursue their intelligent choice in career. Here are some of the most popular.